CM Storytelling

CM Storytelling

We all have something inside of us that deserves to get out. We all have a dream or a calling that is worth pursuing. Entrepreneurs and creative people can have a tremendously positive impact on the world, but too many give up because they run into roadblocks. Though these roadblocks may be surmountable, the stress, fear and anxiety of failing keeps people from maintaining hope.

Finding clarity in our own story helps us reignite hope and find inspiration to stay on the path of our creative calling.


For creative and purpose-drive entrepreneurs, business is personal. Storytelling has the power to convey meaning in our personal and business lives, and bringing clarity to why we are working and who we wish to serve can:

Affirm our belief in our message and our voice

Provide a road map for delivering our message in a clear and concise way in order to reach the community we seek to serve. 

Our Approach to Storytelling

While we focus on business and organizational storytelling, we do so in a personal way. Our work helps leaders and entrepreneurs define their business story while also bringing clarity to their personal story as it relates to their professional endeavors. In many cases, the personal and professional are indistinct, especially for artists or solo entrepreneurs working independently. While the business or organization story is our focus, our approach encourages creative and purpose-drive entrepreneurs to embrace their personal stories so that they connect with their audiences in an authentic way that builds true community.

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