Courtney M. McSwain, Writer

Dear Reader: On Bouncing Back from Mistakes

(Photo: (CC), recoverling) Dear Reader, I’m sorry. My last post was in February, and I promised myself I wouldn’t take anymore unaccounted for hiatuses from this blog. More than that, I’m trying to build your trust as a reader that I will have my act together and provide the content that’s in my heart to… [Continue Reading]

Waiting for Now (Alternate Title: You’re Late)

(Photo: (cc) Mike) Dear Reader, I have a condition. I’m not sure if it’s psychological, neurological or astrological, but I’ve given it a name: wait-for-now syndrome. “Now” is an idealized moment of perfect timing when a specific task – usually one being avoided – will get done. “Now” might also be referred to as “tomorrow.”… [Continue Reading]