Courtney M. McSwain, Writer

Waiting for Now (Alternate Title: You’re Late)

(Photo: (cc) Mike) Dear Reader, I have a condition. I’m not sure if it’s psychological, neurological or astrological, but I’ve given it a name: wait-for-now syndrome. “Now” is an idealized moment of perfect timing when a specific task – usually one being avoided – will get done. “Now” might also be referred to as “tomorrow.”… [Continue Reading]

Anatomy of a Freelance Writer’s Life: Turning Off the TV

During my first full week of working at home, I decided that I should go on a 30-day fast from television. I didn’t want to fall into the trap of watching television all day instead of concentrating on work. Plus, as a new freelance writer, I needed to focus 100 percent of my energy on… [Continue Reading]