Courtney M. McSwain, Writer

Building an Empire to Make an Impact: DeShuna Spencer Talks Pushing Through Fear of Failure

Photo: Courtesy of DeShuna Spencer As a creative entrepreneur, there are days when I ask myself, “Why did I do this again?” In moments of doubt, it’s important to have people to whom you can look for inspiration, and DeShuna Spencer is definitely one of those people. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing DeShuna for… [Continue Reading]

Anatomy of a Freelance Writer’s Life: Q&A with Kate Bolick

Writer Kate Bolick had me at her Twitter nap reviews. As someone who loves naps, but often feels guilty when I take them, I felt I had a kindred spirit when I first came upon Bolick’s reports of her mastering the art of the power nap on Twitter. I’m hopeful about the future of my… [Continue Reading]