Courtney M. McSwain, Writer

Erica “Rivaflowz” Buddington on…Celebrating Failure

Photo Courtesy of Erica “Rivaflowz” Buddington Following online breadcrumbs often has its rewards, which was certainly true when I came across the work of Erica “Rivaflowz” Buddington during a spell of Twitter wandering. At age 26, Erica is already forging a writing identity to be reckoned with. She is a former HBO Def Poet, Brave… [Continue Reading]

Get Inspired w/ Brooklyn Boheme

The feature documentary film “Brooklyn Boheme” has been on my list of things to watch for quite some time. As it turns out, yesterday was the perfect day to watch it–on a day when I was completely drained of any kind of creative energy and needed a jolt of inspiration. The film, directed by Diane… [Continue Reading]