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Dear Reader: On Celebrating Failure

failure imagePhoto: (CC) eyeofmycanon

Dear Reader,

At the beginning of this year, I learned I was afraid of failure while working with a creative coach. As I explained my reasons for seeking her help, I used the phrase, “I’m afraid,” four times without even realizing it. When she brought it to my attention, I was taken aback. Until that moment, I was completely convinced of my own bravery. But I discovered that a fear of failure was keeping me from progressing at the level I wanted to. I wasn’t going “all in” on my business ideas because of the secret fear that they wouldn’t succeed.

I later learned that successful entrepreneurs don’t freak out over failure; they actually see it as a good thing. The road to creative genius is paved with ideas that just don’t work. So, the faster we fail, the more quickly we get to our best work. And if we take time to celebrate failure by talking openly about the lessons we’ve learned as a result of our mistakes, we offer comfort and encouragement to others.

Which is why this month on the blog, I’m hosting a celebration of failure. I’ve invited artists and changemakers I admire to celebrate failure by sharing stories of missteps, mishaps and the glory of turning things around. Things kick off this Friday as I bring you a Q&A with Jen Adrion and Omar Noory, the design duo behind the illustration and paper goods company These Are Things. I hope this month’s stories convince you that failure happens…and it’s a good thing.

If you feel inspired to do so, share your own story of authentic failure in the comments section at any time this month. I’ll see you on Friday with a new post.


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