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Dear Reader: On Bouncing Back from Mistakes

Sorry Day Image(Photo: (CC), recoverling)

Dear Reader,

I’m sorry. My last post was in February, and I promised myself I wouldn’t take anymore unaccounted for hiatuses from this blog. More than that, I’m trying to build your trust as a reader that I will have my act together and provide the content that’s in my heart to provide and, hopefully, you will grow to appreciate.

Nonetheless, I didn’t live up to that goal over the past three months. I made a mistake.

Bouncing back from making mistakes isn’t always easy. I’m not sure it’s ever easy, for me anyway. Nevertheless, on the road to following one’s dreams, mistakes are bound to happen. I’ve racked up my fair share. In making mistakes, I’ve tried to offer myself grace and not hold onto the guilt of being imperfect – nobody is, after all.

Getting over one’s own mistakes is one thing, but what happens when our mistakes impact others? As we’re pursuing our dreams as creative entrepreneurs, artists or world changers, what if we do something that hurts someone else? Unintentionally, to be sure, but resulting in hurt nonetheless. How do we recover? How do we go about saying, “I’m sorry?”

That’s what I want to explore this month on the blog. I’m starting with a make-up post from Rozella Haydée White who was kind enough to give me her thoughts on “Faith and Work” for the Artists and Chanemakers Q&A series. I was supposed to post that Q&A in February, so I’m owning up to my mistakes and sharing Rozella’s really beautiful insights this month, hoping that she (and you) will forgive me for my tardiness. Later this month, I’ll share some of the lessons I’ve learned about making mistakes and why it’s important to acknowledge them. And I’ve asked my friend Lara Dalinsky, graphic designer, travel writer and all-around cool spirit, to share her thoughts on bouncing back from mistakes.

I wanted to explore the topic of making mistakes because, if you decide to set yourself on a path to following your creative calling, you will make them. I think it’s important to know you’re not alone…and, that there is a way to recover.

See you all the rest of this month (I promise!)


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