Courtney M. McSwain, Writer

Courtney’s Idea Factory (Beta)

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In a recent blog post, I shared how important giving is to my creative process and my goal to integrate giving as a seamless part of my writing practice. I’ve done some thinking around specific ways to do that, and I’m excited to announce my first giving initiative:

Courtney’s Idea Factory:  A free brainstorming consultation service that allows me to offer my time and brainpower to help start-up nonprofits and socially-conscious businesses think about their creative messaging—like their mission and “about us” statements, website copy and blog posts—and how they are telling the story of their work.

Where’d I get the idea?

Recently, a friend decided to start a socially conscious entertainment company and she asked for my help with crafting her mission statement and elevator pitch. We met up one day and sat around brainstorming. I asked her questions and she offered answers. I put out ideas and she put out ideas. At the end of the session, she had a better sense of her own start-up idea and how she wanted to craft her messaging because we were able to talk it out.

In thinking about that experience, I realized two things:

  1. Brainstorming is really fun!
  2. Sometimes all it takes is having a third-party to bounce ideas off of in order to hone in on the story you want to tell.

So what if I offered to be someone’s brainstorming partner for free? Would that be helpful?

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I believe the answer is “Yes!” But I need your help testing my theory by applying to be one of the first recipients of Courtney’s Idea Factory consultations.

Who are these consultations for?

  • Start-up nonprofits or socially conscious businesses, which are…
  • In the first five years of overall operation or the first three years of a new product, program or initiative for which help is needed crafting creative storytelling

What do these consultations offer?

  • A one-hour brainstorming session where I help you think through your idea and hone in on the “story” you are trying to tell
  • Typed notes from the brainstorming session with “Courtney’s Takeaways” that offer a few quick tips on how you can move forward on the things we discussed

Because I’m specifically focused on helping start-ups and do-gooders, you must meet certain criteria to qualify.

Hey, who couldn’t use an hour of free brainpower? I’m here and happy to help, so let’s get started!