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Courtney’s Idea Factory – Apply!

Courtney’s Idea Factory is a free brainstorming consultation service that allows me to offer my time and brainpower to help start-up nonprofits and socially-conscious businesses think about their creative messaging—like their mission and “about us” statements, website copy and blog posts—and how they are telling the story of their work.

Here’s why I started it.

If you want to apply for a free brainstorming consultation, make sure you are:

  1. The owner or operator of a start-up nonprofit or socially conscious business that is within its first five years of general operation or the first three years of a new program, initiative or business division for which you’re seeking creative storytelling assistance.
  2. In need of help crafting creative messaging around your start-up endeavor (defined in #1). You must state specifically how your efforts will provide a direct service to the community or lead to a social good bottom line.
  3. At least 90 days away from the launch of your start-up program, initiative or business division from the time you submit an application for this service.
  4. Able to participate in a consultation session via phone or video conference.
  5. A strong believer in your endeavor and your ability to succeed!

If you meet all five of these qualifications, please proceed to filling out the form below.

Courtney's Idea Factory - Apply!

Apply for one of my four free brainstorming sessions offered this quarter for start-up nonprofits and socially conscious businesses.
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