Courtney M. McSwain, Writer

Anatomy of a Freelance Writer’s Life: Keeping Creativity on a Low Boil

Creative people can be deceiving. It can appear as though they have a constant stream of ideas flowing beautifully like a fountain of water. In my experience, creativity is more like a pot of water sitting on a stove waiting to boil. Visions of the suffering writer being tortured by a lack of inspiration seem,… [Continue Reading]

Anatomy of a Freelance Writer’s Life: Q&A with Kate Bolick

Writer Kate Bolick had me at her Twitter nap reviews. As someone who loves naps, but often feels guilty when I take them, I felt I had a kindred spirit when I first came upon Bolick’s reports of her mastering the art of the power nap on Twitter. I’m hopeful about the future of my… [Continue Reading]