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Anatomy of a Freelance Writer’s Life: Courtney’s Idea Factory

Lightbulbs ImageRemember in a recent blog post how I went on a tangent about giving, and then I told you about my new tattoo? Well, I finally have more substance to share! I’m excited to announce the “beta” launch of Courtney’s Idea Factory, a free brainstorming consultation service that allows me to offer my time and brainpower to help start-up nonprofits and socially-conscious businesses think about their creative messaging.

As I thought about how I could incorporate giving as a regular practice in my work, I realized that I love coming up with new ideas. Often, small organizations need a fresh perspective to think through their creative messaging, but they don’t have the money to pay a consultant. That’s where I thought a free one-hour brainstorming session might come in handy. One hour isn’t a lot, but it’s enough to get the ball rolling and help start-ups and nonprofits begin telling great stories about their work.

Did I mention this was a beta launch?

I’ve noticed more people using the word “beta” to describe the launch of something they think is a good idea but aren’t quite sure. Thus “beta” allows them to recant their presupposed genius if it’s a flop. So, yeah, this is a beta launch.

You can help me determine if I’m a genius or not by applying for one of my first four sessions. Read more about what Courtney’s Idea Factory is and who it’s for here.

And you’ve got between now and May 21 to apply. So let’s get started!



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