Courtney M. McSwain, Writer

Artists & Changemakers

I believe the best of us is possible, and see the work of those who create art and social change as crucial to inspiring the best of our humanity. As a motivator, encourager and storyteller, I am here to help artists and changemakers promote their work and stay on the path of their creative calling.

Here are a few values that drive my work.

In isolation, artists and changemakers can find themselves overwhelmed by the emotional aspects of the creative process. Community helps ease the anxiety of creative work by providing focus, accountability and connection. I am committed to cultivating community for artists and changemakers through the creation of publishing platforms as well as online and offline gathering spaces.

Artists and changemakers can benefit from a fresh look at the way they relate to their audience and promote their work. I offer value by bringing an objective voice to the storytelling process, while simultaneously empathizing with the creative point of view.

Honesty & Sharing
Articles, blogs and books written for creative entrepreneurs and social change agents often focus on “how to start” rather than “how to stay” on the creative path. Through published content, I facilitate honest sharing from artists and changemakers on the ups and downs of creative living, in hopes of offering comfort and motivation to those in my community.

Learn more about why I started writing through my writing manifesto.